Thursday, October 11, 2012

Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto with Balsamic Glaze

Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto with Balsamic Glaze

I am re-posting this link today because of a conversation I had with a checker at Trader Joe's (love that place!!!).  I made the recipe today minus the prosciutto, because I am trying to go pescatarian (boo!).  We shall see how long that lasts.  (Pssst!  I ate a piece of chicken last night.  Don't tell anyone.) 

My lovely, fellow blogger, Kelly at Eat Yourself Skinny was kind enough to let me guest post my asparagus recipe on her site a little over a year ago.  While you are redirected to her site you must check out all her awesome recipes.  She's a blogger after my own heart.  She even lists recipes by points for all of you WW enthusiasts. 

On to other news, I am continuing to work on my guidebook about what to eat when you eat out at chain restaurants.  I'm beginning to taste the end of this decade long two-year project.  God willing, I should have it done by December.  Don't worry!  Even though I am pretending to go going pescatarian I will have plenty of beef/pork/poultry options in the book.  I might go back to being a raging carnivore within a week, so don't hold me to the pescatarian thing.  I'll keep you posted.  In case you don't know what pescatarian means you can read all about it on Wikipedia.  I'm not trying the diet change to be pretentious or holier than thou.  I'm merely trying it, because it's considered a heart-healthier diet. 

I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives on Netflix, and it inspired me to reduce my meat intake.  I highly recommend watching it even if you are a carnivore that salivates at the mere mention of meat like Pavlov's dog salivates at the bell.  If you watch it and still want your meat, then I certainly won't blame you.  You'll get no judgement from me, because it will be a hot day in Antarctica before I give up cheese and eggs.  The video is still an interesting watch without being super preachy like some other documentaries concerning meat consumption.  In addition, it is loaded with scientific research.

This isn't really an animal rights kind of issue for me.  (Although I think it would be hilarious if animals had the right to vote or run for congress.  Oops!  Forgot it's a bunch of donkeys and elephants.  My bad.)  Even if I succeed at going pescatarian I'm never going to stop wearing leather.  Fish skin just isn't fashionable.  Eel skin is okay but kind of creepy.  I own four leather jackets, and I will continue to wear them with pride.  They match my leather handbags, belts, and shoes.  Plus one of the jackets makes me feel like Joan Jett.  That's one feisty, rock n' roll chick.  That never goes out of style.  I plan on wearing that jacket far past my prime.  Someone will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands even if I live to be a hundred.  I hate to belabor the point, but I love that jacket. 

Now that I wouldn't shut up about the jacket I suppose I should show you a picture.  It's only fair.

While I'm on the subject of all things me, I must tell you that I have gone ginger.  That's right, I'm a redhead now.  It's more auburn than fire-engine or carrot top.  Bye, bye blondie.  Thanks to Dalton at Roca Salon for holding my hand through the transformation.  He is some sort of mad scientist genius with hair color.  No regrets, buddy!  I'll update my profile pics on all my social media when I get a chance.

Wishing everyone sunshine and happiness!



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