Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Planning for Success

I must admit that my holiday detox did get a bit derailed, but I am decidedly unapologetic.  I learned that it was too extreme for me, and that I really don't want to give up my Starbucks Espresso & Cream Doubleshot.  I do intend to keep the rules of detox in mind for moderation.  For example, I am going to cut back on sugar and fat intake simply because it makes low-calorie eating more comfortable.  It is easier to eat low-calorie when you fill up on low-cal fruits and vegetables that are packed with nutrition and fiber.  I am also cutting back on meat.  I'm going to try to stick with mostly fish, chicken, and vegetarian meals.  I hope to limit my intake of beef and pork to 2-3 meals per week.

Also to set myself up for success I'm going to stop eating with my husband, Carl, during the work week.  Carl tends to eat later in the evening, and he cooks the most amazing food.  However, I tend to overeat his delicious cuisine.  I also don't need to eat that late, because I go to bed relatively early.  He can eat that late because he has an awesome metabolism.  Plus he's 6' 7" so if he gains a pound or two he wears it well.  I'm not so lucky.  

In an attempt to get ready for pool season (it's just around the corner!), I am determined to watch my calories during the week.  I will allow myself a couple "cheat days" on the weekends so I can still enjoy my husband's delicious cooking from time to time.

To plan ahead I brainstormed several different lunch and dinner options to have at home or on the go.  I put the list in the notes on my iPhone so that it's with me everywhere I go.  For the purposes of ease, calorie control, and portion control I am including processed and frozen foods in my diet.  However, I hope to balance them out with fresh produce.  I am also allowing some fast food, but I don't plan on eating it all the time.

Within this post I will list lunch and dinner options together since they are mostly interchangeable.  Most of the items on the list reflect my personal taste so it is not an all-inclusive list by any means.  If you have other favorites in mind, then please add them in the comments.

My Easy Low-cal Lunches and Dinners

English Muffin Pizzas (Make with your own favorite toppings, pizza sauce, and 2% cheese.)
California Pizza Kitchen Personal Size Pizza (Margherita or BBQ Chicken, each 430 calories)
DiGiorno 200-calorie Portion Pizza paired with a salad
Subway Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread (Ham & Cheese or Veggie Delite)
Panda Express Panda Bowl*
Jimmy John's Unwich*
Veggie Gluten-free Quesadilla*
Oscar Mayer Sub Sandwich (Steakhouse Cheddar, 430 calories)
Progresso Light Soup (100 calories per cup) and small side salad
Healthy Choice Zesty Gumbo Soup (100 calories per cup) and a biscuit or corn muffin
Wolfgang Puck Organic Creamy Butternut Squash Soup (140 calories per cup) and a salad
Wolfgang Puck Organic Tomato Basil Bisque (150 calories per cup) and a grilled cheese sandwich
Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli (260 calories) and 3 oz. grilled chicken or salmon
Smart Ones Lasagna Florentine (310 calories) and a small salad or cup of soup
Smart Ones Pasta with Ricotta and Spinach (280 calories) with a Tbsp.of grated parmesan and 3 oz. Rotisserie chicken breast (no skin)
Lean Pockets paired with a cup of soup, small salad, or crudite
California Sushi Rolls (small roll from the supermarket)
Wendy's Half Salads*
Fish Tacos and Black Beans*
Curry Chicken Lettuce Wraps*

*See previous blog post in the archives for recipe or a more extensive list of options.

For breakfast I am sticking with my Espresso & Cream Doubleshot.  I will get the Light version when I can.  If I wake up hungry I will have some oatmeal. Otherwise, I will have my oatmeal as an afternoon snack.  For more variety of snacks I will choose from my previous post, "Bunches of Low-Calorie Snack Options."

Please feel free to post your favorite, easy low-calorie meals in the comments.

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